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30 minutes ago

10 calcium-rich foods for your bones

Our body needs calcium for healthy bones. Not only that, calcium is also very important for proper functioning of our nerves and muscles. Here are some high calcium foods you should definitely include in your diet!

50 minutes ago

DIET that helped lose 43 kgs in 10 months

Losing weight is an addiction, says this guy who lost 43.5 kilos in 10.5 months! Initially, you might not get so passionate but once you start to drop kilos, it becomes an obsession. It was not Anshum's intention, but his bedridden condition made him lose 6 kilos, that too in a very short duration. Being at 130 kilos, losing those 6 kilos became his point of motivation and he decided to become fit thereon. Here's what he has to say about his weight loss journey.


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