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30 minutes ago

Women’s NGOs Are Changing the World – and Not Getting Credit for It

We’re basing our observations upon research conducted over the past decade in India, where women’s NGOs were involved in delivering urban basic services like water, sanitation and electricity, and in Tanzania, where women’s NGOs helped deliver community health and microenterprise development services.

50 minutes ago

The Indian Brothers Recruiting Men to Fight Gender-Based Violence

GROWING UP IN the coal belt in West Bengal, brothers Ravi, Nishi and Rishi Kant were often witness to the sufferings of disadvantaged women, many of them routinely abused by their alcoholic husbands. From an early age, they say, their mother taught them to respect and protect women. But when the brothers co-founded the NGO Shakti Vahini in 2001 to campaign for an end to violence against women and girls, they were met with skepticism and mockery. At the time, it was unheard of for young men to take up women’s issues.


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